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Q. Why cars from Japan?
A. Japanese used cars are renowned throughout the world for their good conditions with less damages and their high level of the technical maintenance.

Q. Why cars from BEST CARS?
A. As we are a full-service exporter, we do all the procedure by ourselves from receiving the order through to arranging the shipment. We are responsible to take care of every cars to ensure our service quality and we always do our best to fulfill our clients satisfaction.
Q. How can I get a car from you?
A. Here is the flowchart.


Once we receive the inquiry from you, we will ask you the details of your requirement (i.e. automaker, car type, manufacture year, body color, etc.) and your budget, so on. We will review your request and let you know if the vehicle is in our stock or not.

Find your car from the Auction

If the vehicle is not in our stock, we will search and find your vehicle from the several auto auctions in Japan. Then we will quote you a price and give you vehicle's specs and details.


Find your car from our stock

We will quote you a price and give you vehicle's specs and details.


When you decide to buy the vehicle, we will send you an official Proforma Invoice. We will require the full payment by Telegraphic Transfer (bank-to-bank-wire-transfer - TT) .

Key and B/L

After the shipping we will send you a key, Export Certificate and B/L via courier (EMS).

Arrival Notice

You will be notified a few days before the arrival of your vehicle by the shipping agent. Then you will pick up your car after the Customs clearance.

Custom Clearance


Q. Which auction are you belong to?
A. We are a member of USS, JU,  TAA(Toyota) and NAA(Nissan) which are the biggest used vehicle auctions with the nationwide networks in Japan. We participate in these major auctions every day to get a wide range of vehicles for their best deal.
Q. Do I need to pay any extra charge other than the car cost and the shipping charge?
A. Yes, you need to pay the additional charges for terminal container handling, customs clearance, documentation and delivery at your port.
Q. What is the requirements for importing a vehicle into my country?
A. The customs clearance laws and the regulations on importing vehicles are differ from each country, please contact the local customs office and ask the requirements for importing a vehicle to your country.
Q. How can I pick up my car at the port?
A. When the arrival date of your vehicle is notified by the shipping agent, you need to decide to use your own means to handle the container or use the services of local agents. 

TOP Stock List FAQs Trade Terms Freight Company Profile Contact Us Link

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